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Higher Education

Higher Education

Higher Education

Higher education is one of the largest and most energy intensive parts of the U.S. economy. It’s not unusual for electricity to be one of the largest operating costs and represent half or more of total greenhouse gas footprint for a typical college or university. Thus, making significant headway on carbon reduction-related sustainability goals requires finding and securing renewable energy sources capable of replacing traditional grid-sourced power supplies in a smart, meaningful and cost-effective way.

CFR is at the forefront of this transformation, having served over 15 leading higher education clients on renewables and energy strategy over the last nine years. We were one of the first to recognize that schools were serious about making the shift to renewable energy and needed help securing the most attractive mix of on- and off-site solutions. 

We are committed to helping higher education institutions implement strategies and solutions that maximize the economic and environmental value of renewable energy, and making them a growing part of their energy portfolio.

Higher-education institutions looking to transition to renewables often must also contend with existing onsite generation infrastructure, including distributed rooftop solar and cogeneration plants. CFR has worked with leading higher eds to develop campus strategies that optimize the integration new on-and offsite renewables with existing campus infrastructure as well as typical utility electric supply. CFR’s strategies also work to reconcile the complexities of an on-campus infrastructure system and project economics with equally critical considerations like campus culture, regulatory constraints, environmental impact and other social factors.

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