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Who We Are

Maximizing the Value of Renewable Energy and Water Resiliency for Businesses and Institutions

CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR) is a trusted energy and water advisor that partners with impact-oriented clients to develop actional energy strategies, implement tailored solutions, and optimize performance over time. Since 2010, we have grown our team and client base, accumulating an unparalleled track record for securing high-impact solutions.

CFR advises clients on strategy, procurement, and organizational implementation of renewable energy and resilient water solutions. Our services include:


Developing actionable strategies: We take time to understand your needs, assess your Business-as-Usual (BAU) energy and water context, and recommend a cost-effective solution (or portfolio of solutions) that will meet your environmental goals, satisfy the requirements of key stakeholders, and gain leadership support.


Implementing tailored solutions: We provide expert technical, financial, accounting, and risk management support throughout the procurement process, helping our clients competitively source and contract for the most impactful renewable solutions.


Optimizing performance over time: Our support does not end when the contract is signed – we are committed to the long-term performance of every solution. We help our clients manage ongoing project risk, monitor and optimize performance, and oversee integration of renewable energy and water resiliency solutions with ongoing power and water purchases.

who we are
who we are
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