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Water Resiliency Services

CFR has a team with deep experience providing water resiliency advisory services, including developing and implementing tailored solutions for water conservation and facilitating water resiliency and reuse for impact-driven institutions and corporations.

While many organizations succeed in implementing small incremental water conservation measures (e.g. low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting), these typically fall short of material progress on water goals. A water resiliency strategy will enable a large step forward, typically exceeding corporate goals and well ahead of schedule, and with no capital outlay

Organizations are increasingly recognizing the risks inherent in potable water supply and disposal.


Key Drivers:

  1. 1. Business risk: Pipes are breaking, drought and capacity limitations are constraining supply

  2. 2. Cost: Water and sewer costs are the fastest growing utility cost, as much as 2-3x the CAGR of CPI

  3. 3. Sustainability: Visibility of water is increasing in ESG reporting, alongside climate risks; 2,435+ companies reporting to CDP on water security

A water resiliency strategy will identify solutions to increase business resilience, meet or exceed potable use reduction goals, and reduce the water and wastewater spend.

Introducing an onsite water resiliency project generates many positive results:

  • Safe, reliable clean water for non-contact and utility demands
  • 30-60% reduction in freshwater use, can greatly exceed corporate goal
  • 50-100% reduction in wastewater discharged…enhances impact to local watershed and communities where they operate
  • Significant lifetime savings compared to current operating conditions (Business as Usual), without any financial investment (3rd party financed)
  • Reduces risk associated with reliance on municipal water and wastewater service suppliers, with execution risk of the onsite solutions typically borne by a 3rd party developer

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