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Key Terms

  • Comprehensive, fact-based analysis
  • Review & set goals
  • Stakeholder outreach & education
  • Potential supply options overview
  • Optimial solution portfolio identification
  • Implementation plan development

Energy Strategies for Sustainable Businesses

Corporations expanding their solution set need an ironclad business energy strategy.  CFR develops lasting energy strategies with our clients to support sustainable company growth. If you want a toolset that promotes environmental leadership, strategic benefits, long-term savings and risk resilience, CFR is your trusted partner. 

Our tailored strategy development process begins with a comprehensive examination of your energy footprint. We analyze your current power usage, expenses, and desired cost and emissions reductions, converting this information into digestible take-aways. Next, we educate your team on potential options that fit well with your needs. We then utilize our industry-leading market project database for potential renewable solutions – their estimated costs and fit with what you are trying to accomplish, and your estimated revised electric and thermal spend. Throughout the strategy process, we work with you to select your preferred renewable energy sources and consider energy management practices that maximize value for your organization. 

Finding Your Renewable Energy Solution

CFR’s expert guidance through the strategy phase empowers clients to make informed decisions on their renewable energy and thermal solutions. We boil down sophisticated market dynamics into approachable data points and insights, so our clients understand their current energy situation and the potential economic outcomes to expect after making the switch. We examine all relevant retail, onsite, and wholesale solution options available in the market and guide you towards a solution set that promises the best long-term outcomes. 

For both electric and thermal, we examine relevant technologieseconomic outlooks, and policies to determine options available to you. We conduct in-depth, fact-based analyses to guide our clients through the benefits of each energy option and identify an actionable strategy. Armed with the facts, our clients can confidently determine an implementation plan that best positions them to meet their goals. 

Following strategy sign-off, CFR supports implementation tailored to your organization’s needs. Partner with us to find your most impactful and cost-effective energy solutions.  Contact us today. 

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