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Key Terms

  • Ongoing performance monitoring
  • RE and retail power integration oversight 
  • Grid power purchasing optimization

Energy Optimization That Ensures Long-Term Success with Renewables

CFR  knows that implementing high-impact energy solutions does not end when the project comes online. Capturing maximum value from your renewable energy solution necessitates careful attention to optimization opportunities throughout the project lifecycle. While our solutions are explicitly designed to perform successfully and align with your stated objectives over the contract duration, a well and actively managed energy portfolio allows you to realize significant additional value with renewables. 

Once your renewable project(s) have commenced operations, we remain on-hand to monitor their economic and environmental performance, identify and mitigate any potential risks, and maximize value over time. We stay up to date on the latest market trends, economic and environmental performance factors to ensure your renewable energy solution and grid power purchases are optimized to suit your budget, business goals and changing energy portfolio. 


How to Manage Energy Efficiently

Smart energy management practices are the centerpiece of energy optimization. CFR consults with you through every procedural change required to ensure your renewable energy asset(s) and/or grid power purchases are operating at maximum efficiency and effectiveness and minimum cost and risk. CFR has helped drive significant cost savings with our clients by sourcing efficient and effective energy supply solutions across entire energy portfolios, encompassing both renewable and non-renewable sources. This includes clients who already pursued renewables without support, only to find their solutions are under-performing relative to expectations. 

Understanding how well renewable solutions are performing requires continually benchmarking solution economics relative to what they would have been, had you kept pursuing BAU strategies. CFR helps you and your colleagues decipher this, so you are well-equipped to evolve approaches as energy market conditions change. We review potential policies and enforcement tools to keep your company’s energy use under budget and under control. Whether you need to switch to a new utility tariff or grid power purchasing strategy, we help you find the optimal solutions to manage your energy bill – either in conjunction with or independent of your renewable energy purchases. 

CFR helps businesses maximize the value of their energy strategy with a sustainable and cost-saving solutions that stand the test of time and equally benefit the environment and your PR.  Contact us today to maximize and sustain the value in your sustainability program. 

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