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Key Terms

  • Solicitation issuance
  • In-depth financial analysis
  • Deep due diligence
  • Contract negotiations
  • Risk analysis and mitigation

Sourcing Your Ideal Energy Supply Mix

As your trusted advisor, CFR is dedicated to making sure your organization can access the energy supply mix it needs. Once you have decided on a strategy and developed an implementation plan, procurement begins. CFR will help you secure the results you need through a tailored and fact-based implementation process. 

CFR is at our clients’ side as they navigate the various hurdles associated with renewable energy procurement, steering clients towards informed decisions on scope and timeline. After selecting the best projects from our database or receiving responses from developers if the client requires a customer RFP, we conduct in-depth, apples-to-apples analysis of each solution, providing a clear explanation of how each project would realistically impact your business. We then conduct deep due diligence on shortlisted projects and guide you towards final selection of a project (or set of projects) that best addresses your needs and budget. We leverage our deep industry knowledge to mitigate risk and reach the best possible solution. 

Seamless Energy Solution Implementation

CustomerFirst Renewables manages implementation of your energy solution. Once you have selected finalist bidders, CFR is by your side as you negotiate the contract(s) and will manage regular communications with the chosen project developer(s). We strive for our clients to take confidence in their energy decision, feeling secure about fairness in pricing and value. 

Enabling new renewable generation creates an exciting PR opportunity and a reason to celebrate. We assist you on all communications and marketing efforts, determining the most visible and accurate means of sharing with the public that you have made progress on your sustainability agenda. Impress your customers with responsible business practices. Contact us today to get started. 


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