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Approach Energy Strategically

 As an experienced, independent advisor, CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR) helps organizations navigate their transition to an impactful and cost-effective renewable energy strategy. This includes both electric and thermal solutions to address your scope 1 and scope 2 emissionsWith a customer-first mindset and co-pilot mentality, we steer you through unfamiliar waters toward lasting energy solutions that promote sustainable growth and business longevity. 

We exclusively serve corporate and institutional end-users—from leading brands and global manufacturers to research universities, healthcare and governmental institutions.CFR tailors strategies to the specific needs of your organization, providing clear explanation and serving as an “objective cheerleader” throughout the process. As the first renewable energy advisor to create solutions tailored specifically to the end-user, we understand the many challenges of the industry, and are on your side as a committed partner to support you throughout the journey. 

How We Create an Alternative Energy Strategy

Your energy strategy development begins with a thorough analysis of current energy usage, cost and sources of supply across all of your locations. CFR weighs your “business-as-usual” (BAU) energy sources against your potential new supply mix options after implementing an alternative energy strategy. 

We conduct thorough research and analytics to confirm your alternative power solutions and compare the terms, benefits, risks, and potential outcomes of each option to make sure your organization arrives at the right supply mix. Our rigorous, fact-based analysis and long-standing industry experience equip us with all the tools energy end-users need to go green, ensuring you are fully informed and confident in your decision.  Contact us, and we can discuss how to get started. 

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