Large Scale Renewable Energy (LSRE) solutions are a powerful tool that can help organizations meet sustainability and emissions reduction goals. While efficiency retrofits and onsite renewable energy projects are excellent steps on the path to sustainability, these measures alone often fall short of set goals.

GHG ReductionTypically, onsite renewables and retrofits will meet 10-15 percent of an organization’s annual electric load. While these measures are worth pursuing, LSRE can help your company close the “climate gap” and meet your sustainability and carbon reduction goals.

Power purchase agreements (PPAs) for LSRE can be tailored to your organization’s needs and help reduce your current electricity cost and reduce future price risk. Under a PPA, your organization pays a fixed amount for the electricity a project generates. No upfront capital outlay is required. This output is then sold into the wholesale market and you keep all revenue. You can maintain any existing grid power contracts with your local Retail Electricity Supplier (RES) or utility.

LSRE revenue offsets some components of traditional grid power costs, and can often be integrated directly into your existing bill. If the project produces energy at the same time your organization is using it, transitioning from a fixed rate structure to one that is market based can reduce grid power costs even further.

The electricity market is an opaque and often confusing place, but by expanding your understanding of your electric bill and developing a holistic energy strategy you can shine (renewable-powered) light into the space.