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Paris Agreement: Renewable Energy Can Fuel Individual Climate Action

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Nine states, over 400 cities, more than 300 universities and colleges, and thousands of businesses – including CFR – stand firm on the Paris Agreement, committing “We Are Still In”. Many of them are taking their emission target pledges directly to the United Nations. These groups are varied in work and structure, but have one thing in common – facts.

Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Paris Agreement abandons all logic, basing his argument on many falsehoods. This is dangerous for the planet, and harmful to American industry, innovation leadership, and energy future.

At CFR, our desire to fight climate change is synonymous with reducing the cost of electricity and mitigating risk for organizations through large-scale renewable energy. As leaders in higher education, hospitals, corporations, and the government, we all have an opportunity to be the driving force fighting climate changewhile also caring for the bottom line. Renewable energy can address both.

We applaud those organizations stepping up to take our energy and climate future in hand. It is the right thing for their stakeholders and the right thing for organizations planning for their future.

A commitment is where we start, but what is the next step?

The green energy revolution will not be stopped. Trump will end up on the wrong side of history – don’t let your organization be there with him. Holistic energy planning and incorporating renewables into your portfolio today for your organization’s sustainable future and the health of our planet.

For those of us who value fact-based decision making and care about our planet, there is a path forward. It’s time to chart yours.

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