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Announcing CFR’s New Water Advisory Services Line

Why Water Services?

CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR) is excited to announce its new water resiliency service line! As the cost of water rises and businesses face increasing procurement risk, CFR has recognized the importance of incorporating water strategy and solutions into its corporate sustainability offerings. Many organizations are working to understand their water usage and risks, set water efficiency goals, and implement solutions that provide strong economics, improved resiliency, and significant use reductions. CFR will leverage its existing expertise and the experience of new team members to deliver water solutions that meet customers’ goals.

Our team has deep experience developing and executing water solutions across diverse facilities and campuses. Solutions implemented under the guidance of CFR team members currently recycle 5 billion gallons of water per year. Our client base includes over fifty companies, universities, hospitals, and govern­ment agencies (inclu­ding Fortune 100 companies). CFR’s experience includes serving American, Canadian, and European-based multinationals on renewable energy and water resiliency. We have built a team with decades of experience developing water solutions for large, impact-driven institutions and corporations (both commercial and industrial) that will help our customers develop water resiliency strategies and solutions.

There are many factors contributing to corporate demand for water resiliency solutions. Water and sewer rates are increasing across the country, as is the risk posed to traditional water infrastructure. Significant value is at stake – water touches $750M assets at the average facility according to CFR analysis. There is also significant opportunity - recent studies estimate that about 95% of water use at the average home goes down the drain, 65% of which can be treated and reused (Behance, Earth Magazine). On-site water resiliency projects can reduce water usage by 30% - 60% and reduce wastewater outflow by 50% - 100%. Developing and optimizing a water resiliency strategy creates significant oppor­tunities to generate savings, reduce commodity price risk, extend equipment life, and reduce environmental impact and maintenance requirements, all while also protecting workforce health and safety. CFR develops water strategies and sources solutions with all these impacts in mind. No matter your organization’s size, type, and budget – we can build the perfect solution for you.

CFR is prepared to offer services that help organizations at every stage improve their water strategy. Services include:

Developing actionable strategies

˃     Assessing organizational water and wastewater goals

˃     Baselining water and wastewater usage

˃     Designing a water and wastewater management improvement roadmap

˃     Building stakeholder alignment and leadership support

Implementing tailored solutions

˃     Running competitive procurements

˃     Spearheading analytical, technical, financial, accounting, and risk diligence

˃     Facilitating negotiations and contracting

˃     Supporting communication and PR opportunities

˃     Monitoring construction and commissioning

Optimizing performance over time

˃     Designing and implementing performance optimization and maintenance plans

CFR typically serves clients in an integrated, end-to-end way along an experience-based process with well-defined milestones and timelines, tailored to each customer’s specific circumstances.

Through all its engagements, CFR remains solution and vendor agnostic, ensuring solutions are fit for purpose, rigorously vetted, and financially sound for our clients. Utility and process water solutions typically leverage the “Water as a Service” model (with no capital outlay and 3rd party financing), and draw from a broad set of technologies.

At CFR, we work with our clients as they consider solutions, providing support and guidance from initial strategy conceptualization through procurement support, contract negotiations, and external communicaions. As the market evolves and the importance of water services becomes clearer to C&I buyers during their sustainability journey, a trusted advisor can help you maximize value and avoid potential pitfalls. If you are interested in learning more about how a water solution can help your organization meets its sustainabilty and resiliency goals, pleae reach out:

(240) 449-3013
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