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A Big ‘Thank You’ to CFR’s 2020 Summer Interns

CFR 2020 Summer Interns

This summer at CustomerFirst Renewables, we hosted four interns to help them gain an indepth view of the renewable energy sector. Our interns made a positive impact on our clients and other projects, and stayed connected with us virtually throughout this unprecedented time.

In celebration of their outstanding contributions , we asked them to describe their experiences at CFR this summer. We wish them the best of luck on their career paths, and hope to see them in person sometime soon!

Ben Ludtke

This summer, I was excited to work remotely as a Summer Analyst at CustomerFirst Renewables. This role immediately got me involved in large-scale renewable energy projects all over the country, giving me a chance to work with leaders of the clean energy transition. I’m grateful for all the challenging projects that I was given over the past 8 weeks, and for the innovative, client-led culture at CFR that I was able to experience.

Thank you to everyone on the CFR team who worked so hard to ensure a successful Summer Analyst experience. Looking back on the wide range of learning opportunities and projects I was able to participate in, I appreciate the support and enthusiasm that I saw every day from team-members ranging in seniority from peer analysts all the way up to executive leaders. My time at CFR has flown by, but I’m excited to see what’s next!

Saskia Rohde

At CustomerFirst Renewables, I learned to speak up and share my opinion on topics I didn’t feel I was as educated on as my peers. Everyone I worked with seemed interested in what I had to share and was very open to taking time out of their day to teach me about their area of expertise. The most common phrase I heard was “put time on my calendar,” enforcing a mentality that whenever anyone had free time, they were willing to dedicate it to helping others. The unique circumstances of a virtual environment encouraged this openness by facilitating meeting with people I didn’t necessarily work with every day. 

CFR has a small company feel, but a big impact. I was struck by the numbers of greenhouse gas emissions the company helps reduce. As a student, I didn’t think I would ever play a critical part in an institution’s ability reach its sustainability goals, let alone help primarily higher ed clients procure renewable energy. I am beyond grateful to everyone at CFR who has helped me grow and dedicated their time and effort to answering my endless questions. Throughout different home offices, time zones, and virtual meeting platforms, the company’s enthusiasm has never wavered. 

Allison South

I am extremely grateful to the entire CFR team for hosting such a fulfilling internship, particularly considering the current crises facing our world. I have had the opportunity to work virtually on a variety of projects with several members of different teams. Not only were my existing skills put to use, but I have developed new ones via meaningful deliverables for my client team. I gained experience with many aspects of RE advising including qualitative research, client presentations, contract negotiations, project development and analytics, and the creation of case studies.

I have learned so much in a short amount of time and I am excited to carry these skills forward with me!

Robert Powell

The team at CFR worked diligently to create an enriching and engaging experience this summer despite the novel, distant nature of the internship.  The entire company worked diligently to create a thorough on-boarding program that introduced myself and my fellow interns to team members form across the firm. I was impressed by the remarkably open and thoughtful communication between leadership and the broader team not only on company matters, but also current events. I am happy to say I improved my understanding of the renewable energy industry along with my analytical skills as a member of my client team.  

The CFR team went out of their way to welcome and support their interns this summer and I would highly recommend CFR to anyone looking for an internship in the renewable energy space next summer! 

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