Customer Examples/Sample Engagements

At CFR, customers always come first. Building understanding and confidence takes time and requires earning the trust and respect of each client. We always take the time to listen so we can provide real, valuable assistance where customer goals and interests are aligned.

Customer Challenge

CFR solution

The George Washington University & American University

How to source grid-delivered green power, contributing to a goal of achieving carbon-neutrality by the year 2020, while reducing utility costs and risks

Evaluated requirements and options; vetted various technologies; ran RFP; negotiated PPA; established retail supply mechanisms

Top Tier Web 2.0 Company

How to access renewable supply for US data centers located mostly in regulated low-cost markets that offer fewer customer options

Identified location and technology options; explored contract structures; quantified cost savings potential; profiled operational risks and upsides

Universal Health Systems at The George Washington University Hospital

How to secure low-cost renewable supply without the standalone scale required to access it

Aggregated purchase with other CFR customers to increase project scale; negotiated PPA; established retail supply mechanisms


How to a significant part of total electricity needs with renewable solutions that are competitive with low cost brown power prices paid by industrials

Developed strategy to access large scale renewables; vetted alternatives including direct and indirect supply; developed process to implement

Michigan State University

How to transition from the historic reliance on fossil generation and address step-change growth in electricity needs with cost-effective renewable solutions

Evaluated long-term needs; completed due diligence on technologies, remote options, and ownership economics; led resource and environmental assessments

District of Columbia Department of General Services

How to create market interest in supplying a large part of needs with renewables and building the organizational confidence and momentum to make it happen

Clarified long-term needs and objectives for renewables; helped build internal alignment; designed and ran RFI process to create market interest; created approach for procurement/RFP process