A cross-functional effort demands an experienced, tested partner

Implementing large-scale renewables is a complex, multi-disciplinary endeavor. In addition to being new to most organizations, it usually requires making long term, big dollar commitments. As a result, it necessitates getting input and buy-in from many different internal stakeholders, including your most senior executives. Projects touch Operations & Facilities, Administration, Sustainability, Legal, and Risk Management, as well as Finance, Procurement, Purchasing, and Audit. Each of these departments speak a different language, have unique needs and goals, and surface diverse complications and risks. You need a strong partner that’s experienced at building and leading cross-functional teams, and who can help you bring them all together.

The CFR team really helped us throughout the journey, from the initial excitement, through the times we got stuck, to making it happen
Chris O'Brien, Director of Office of Sustainability, American University

The central conscience of your organization

As a sustainability officer, you are committed to making certain your organization does the right thing for your customers, your employees, your investors, and the planet. Perhaps you’ve implemented virtual solutions, such as Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), but what you really want are renewable projects at a scale that meets these commitments. What if you could reap the same benefits of brown power and RECs for a price less than brown power?

Aspirations come with challenges

One of the key goals of sustainability is creating economic value, and few organizations can afford to spend extra money reach goals around energy and carbon reductions. It is often difficult to find enough physical space and the necessary conditions to make renewable energy work, and virtual solutions, such as RECs, simply add cost to brown power, and expose you to the same ongoing risks as brown power alone.

How can you find the best projects to reduce both your carbon footprint and your organization’s costs and risks? And how do you advance your sustainability goals through stakeholder engagement, education, access and accountability?

We help you toward sustainability

CFR works with your team to develop an analysis of your organization’s current greenhouse gas (GHG) levels and to review your GHG accounting. We then show you how to reduce your environmental impact with a variety of renewable solutions. Through these interactions, we help you develop a long term renewable strategy and then assist in educating your stakeholders to understand how being sustainable can add value to the top and bottom line. Once initial solutions are in place and momentum builds, we continue to help you move your organization toward carbon neutrality in an economically attractive manner.