A cross-functional effort demands an experienced, tested partner

Implementing large-scale renewables is a complex, multi-disciplinary endeavor. In addition to being new to most organizations, it usually requires making long term, big dollar commitments. As a result, it necessitates getting input and buy-in from many different internal stakeholders, including your most senior executives. Projects touch Operations & Facilities, Administration, Sustainability, Legal, and Risk Management, as well as Finance, Procurement, Purchasing, and Audit. Each of these departments speak a different language, have unique needs and goals, and surface diverse complications and risks. You need a strong partner that’s experienced at building and leading cross-functional teams, and who can help you bring them all together.

Finding new ways to support your strategic vision

If you’re like most senior executives today, you are very conscious of meeting the sustainability pledges you and your organization have made to shareholders, customers, employees and the world at large. You’re looking for ways to enhance the distinctiveness of your organization’s brand and value proposition while pursuing creative initiatives to lower your costs and mitigate future risks, all while striving to be a better steward of our planet’s limited natural resources. And if that’s not enough of a challenge, you must also attempt to protect your organization’s future exposure to power price risk by matching the term of your largest non-people expenses with the buildings, equipment and other long-term assets they power.

Acting on new ideas requires effort

To reach your energy goals, you must investigate and test new contract/ownership options for short- and long-term upside, downside, and tax consequences. You need access to outside skills and bandwidth to help you make more efficient, timely decisions without adding recurring cost. To maximize the value of your project while keeping it simple, you may choose to partner with other entities in similar or complementary industries to spread risk, reduce cost, and further develop relationships. Finally, you must develop public relations and marketing strategies to demonstrate sustainability leadership and maximize your exposure.

Focus on your core business while we deal with your energy needs

CFR helps you drive down costs and reduce your risk by managing the process from identification to implementation and operations. In a transparent manner, we lead due diligence, project selection, negotiation, and establishment of all related contracts on your behalf. We work with your organization so that all parties are comfortable with project details and confident about moving forward. All of our engagements are designed to produce a solution in the ground that has meaningful impact, not window dressing or a feasibility study.

Engage your top decision makers early; CFR was exceptional at understanding our leadership’s concerns and providing fact based analysis to help them decide on the options
Meghan Chapple, Director of Office of Sustainability, The George Washington University