A cross-functional effort demands an experienced, tested partner

Implementing large-scale renewables is a complex, multi-disciplinary endeavor. In addition to being new to most organizations, it usually requires making long term, big dollar commitments. As a result, it necessitates getting input and buy-in from many different internal stakeholders, including your most senior executives. Projects touch Operations & Facilities, Administration, Sustainability, Legal, and Risk Management, as well as Finance, Procurement, Purchasing, and Audit. Each of these departments speak a different language, have unique needs and goals, and surface diverse complications and risks. You need a strong partner that’s experienced at building and leading cross-functional teams, and who can help you bring them all together.

CFR’s focus is on delivering renewable projects that have tangible results and drive concrete value. From conception to completion, CFR supported us through the entire process.
John Loetscher, Director Facilities Engineering, The George Washington University Hospital

Keeping it all going

If you are an operations or facilities leader, you feel an obligation to keep the site running while driving down cost and improving quality and efficiencies. Your standard processes and procedures are regularly used to identify, manage and mitigate risk. The primary focus has typically been on managing the integrity and reliability of organization-controlled systems and reducing risk to price hikes within power contract periods, but this leaves you exposed to significant swings in price and volatility when contracts renew. An ideal renewable project would enable you to lower your exposure to fuel-price risks and be located off-site, eliminating the need for space, connection with your critical power train, or outages of your facilities for installation or maintenance.

The big picture can be confusing

You have many choices to consider that will impact the cost and risk profile of a solution that is optimized to your needs. These choices may involve the technology that will be used, the location of the energy source, the development partner you engage, and the organization’s ongoing role in operations. Each of these choices have trade-offs that must be considered and weighed. This evaluation not only takes significant time and bandwidth, it also requires renewable energy and power marketing experience and knowledge that your organization likely does not presently have internally.

The information you need, but no more than you want

The right combination of location, incentives and renewable production profile relative to your market and needs, can make what was once viewed as an uneconomical project a grand slam. CFR can manage the process on your behalf in a transparent fashion, providing you the information needed to make an informed decision. We act as your representative in structuring and negotiating the deal, asking the hard questions and taking responsibility for delivering the solutions on time and within budget. We help you structure the project correctly, substantially reducing your operating budget and freeing up cash for other corporate goals and/or other sustainability-related projects. Finally, we educate each customer in all the project details, including the costs, benefits and risks, in a manner tailored to its needs and that builds organizational confidence to move forward.