A cross-functional effort demands an experienced, tested partner

Implementing large-scale renewables is a complex, multi-disciplinary endeavor. In addition to being new to most organizations, it usually requires making long term, big dollar commitments. As a result, it necessitates getting input and buy-in from many different internal stakeholders, including your most senior executives. Projects touch Operations & Facilities, Administration, Sustainability, Legal, and Risk Management, as well as Finance, Procurement, Purchasing, and Audit. Each of these departments speak a different language, have unique needs and goals, and surface diverse complications and risks. You need a strong partner that’s experienced at building and leading cross-functional teams, and who can help you bring them all together.

I really appreciated CFR’s independent and objective role in evaluating different technologies, partners, and financial structures available to us.
Lynda Boomer, Director of Planning Design and Construction, Michigan State University

Protect your organization’s future

As a finance leader, you no doubt attempt to secure the best possible deals while protecting your organization’s future financial interests. A long-term energy strategy, designed through a customer-focused lens, is an important component of your overall plan. To the extent possible, you aim to match your long term investments on PPE with long term power costs, and to prevent the “exposed” position to rising prices. You can also see where costs can be eliminated, solutions optimized, risk minimized, and timelines accelerated. Options can include:

  • Projects that fit within your existing operating budget and come in at a lower cost than brown power.
  • Projects that require no up-front capital, such as with power purchase agreements, leases, sale leasebacks, and leveraged partner flips.

It’s not easy to capture the most value

With myriad options in the increasingly complex and evolving energy industry, how can you be sure you’ll find the best solution for your organization’s needs, budget, and risk tolerance? Without proper planning, reducing risk in one area can create new risks in others. It is important to be aware of the unique tax structures of renewables, the incentive and rebates that come from a wide variety of sources, and the need to gather industry standard assumptions and forecasts for modeling best practices when it comes to tax and legal applications.

Financial acumen that will increase your bottom line profits

In addition to our own extensive experience in the energy and renewables business, we at CFR have strong relationships with industry tax and legal experts. Together, we guide you through the process by modeling solutions and reviewing the related financial ramifications on a real or nominal basis. This attention to detail allows us the control and visibility to adjust the variables in different scenarios and optimize the requirements for running an RFP, ultimately helping you push down costs at every stage in construction, generation, and procurement. Throughout the process, we negotiate and advise solely on your behalf, eliminating the zero sum game present in developer or power marketer-led deals.