How We Can Help Your Organization


We can help your organization
Organizations today are searching for high impact solutions to green their operations while reducing cost and risk through leveraging renewables.


Simply too much to do yourself

When it comes to large-scale renewable procurement, choosing the best course of action is a complicated task. Not only does your organization need to sift through a wide range of external options, you must address issues raised by a number of internal and external stakeholders in order to move forward. Internally, these stakeholders can be anyone from the executive ranks to managers of facilities, operations, purchasing, sustainability, finances, legal, or risk. External stakeholders could include state regulators, utilities, developers, or debt and tax investors, each with a different objective.


Move toward energy freedom

You need expert advice to avoid costly mistakes and maximize value capture from the solution. CFR makes it easy with our transparent, customer-first approach. As CFR steers you away from brown power and toward a mix of renewable energy supplies, we help you understand current and future costs and risks, and how they can be reduced with a more compelling energy solution.

We manage the entire process from identification to implementation, leveraging the capabilities required to fully address the needs of multiple stakeholders both within and outside your organization. The result? You’ll get the impact you are after while also being free to focus on your core business.

Building consensus across business functions

Thought Leadership that builds consensus
Executing large-scale renewable energy projects and entering into long term contracts for them is new to most organizations and poses many unknowns. Even where there is understanding and recognition of the need for renewables, confidence must be built. CFR provides thought leadership that boosts organizational buy-in. With our proven track record, we become the partner your organization can trust to protect your interests while delivering the best project on time and under budget.

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