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Renewable Energy Advisor for Forward-Thinking Businesses & Institutions

CustomerFirst Renewables’ (CFR) objective is to enable large businesses and institutions to achieve their sustainability and resiliency goals by addressing the environmental footprint of their energy and water consumption. We provide expert advice, multidisciplinary insights, and tailored solutions to reduce your organization’s demand for brown power and municipal water. We take the time to understand your organization’s requirements; recommending and implementing cost-effective, risk-minimized energy and procurement strategies.

The transition to renewable energy and water resiliency begins with an objective, transparent examination of your energy and water procurement. Our experts guide you through in-depth analysis and empower you to make informed decisions. After competitively sourcing solutions, we support contract negotiation and provide ongoing management services to monitor and optimize your solution’s economic and environmental performance.

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“CFR was exceptional at understanding our leadership's concerns and providing fact based analysis to help them decide on the options.”

Meghan Chapple, Director of Office of Sustainability, The George Washington University

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“CFR’s focus is on delivering renewable projects that have tangible results and drive concrete value. From conception to completion, CFR supported us through the entire process.”

John Loetscher, Director Facilities Engineering, The George Washington University Hospital

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“CFR’ delivers services on par with the best management consulting firms with less cost and ego.”

Patrick Jackson, Director, Global Energy Management Corning

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Guiding You Through Your Energy Options

At CustomerFirst Renewables, we live by our name. We prioritize each client’s distinctive needs to develop alternative energy and water strategies and to implement sustainable and resilient solutions. As your trusted advisor, CFR utilizes expert analysis to help you define success, navigate your options, issue solicitations, and identify opportunities for ongoing optimization.

Our advice and analytics extend beyond simply finding the statistically superior solution. While renewable energy and water resiliency may be key to your company’s environmental sustainability goals, reliability and maintaining a realistic long-term budget are equally vital. Committed advocates.

CFR examines all aspects of the contractual obligation that comes with each renewable energy or water resiliency solution and tailor our recommendations accordingly – we are your committed advocates.

We manage the entire solution procurement process from identification to implementation, fully addressing the needs of stakeholders inside and outside your organization. The result? Renewable energy and water resiliency solutions that benefit your business, the environment, and your peace of mind. Commit to a sustainable future. Partner with CFR today.

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