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Renewable Energy Advisor for Forward-Thinking Businesses & Institutions

CustomerFirst Renewables (CFR) helps impact-oriented businesses and institutions move confidently toward a renewable energy future. Our renewable energy advisor’s tailored approach prioritizes your needs to support your organization's switch to clean energy. We provide expert advice, multidisciplinary insight, and turn-key implementation to reduce your need for brown power and toward a mix of attractive renewable energy sources. We take the time to understand your company’s unique demands and recommend a cost-effective, risk-minimized energy strategy that fits the requirements of your many stakeholders.

The transition to renewable energy begins with an objective, transparent examination into your current energy supply and available alternatives. Our experts guide you through analytical findings and empower you to make informed decisions. Once the solution is competitively sourced, we support contract negotiation and provide ongoing management services to monitor and optimize its economic and environmental performance, and maximize your long-term success.

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“CFR was exceptional at understanding our leadership`s concerns and providing fact based analysis to help them decide on the options.”

Meghan Chapple, Director of Office of Sustainability, The George Washington University

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“CFR’s focus is on delivering renewable projects that have tangible results and drive concrete value. From conception to completion, CFR supported us through the entire process.”

John Loetscher, Director Facilities Engineering, The George Washington University Hospital

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“CFR’ delivers services on par with the best management consulting firms with less cost and ego.”

Patrick Jackson, Director, Global Energy Management Corning

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Guiding You Through Your Energy Options

At CustomerFirst Renewables, we live by our name. We prioritize each client’s distinctive needs to develop alternative energy strategies and implement lasting green solutions. As your professional renewable energy advisor, CFR utilizes expert analysis and guidance to help you define company success, navigate your options, issue solicitations, and identify opportunities for ongoing optimization

Our advice and analytics extend beyond simply finding the statistically superior solution. While renewable energy may be key to your company’s sustainability, maintaining a realistic long-term budget is equally vital a reliable, resilient system.

CFR examines all aspects of the contractual obligation that comes with each green energy deal and advises accordingly—we are your committed advocates.

We manage the entire process from identification to implementation, leveraging the capabilities required to fully address the needs of multiple stakeholders both within and outside your organization. The result? Renewable energy solutions that equally benefit your business, the environment, and your peace of mind. Commit to a greener future. Partner with CFR today.

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